Creativity is big for us here at Prickly Pear. Not only do we provide creative and unique designs for our products, we allow users to express their creativity by being able to customize their own succulents, just the way they like it! 

All of our succulent pots and planters are individually crafted from scratch, and are hand painted and printed. Plants are locally sourced to ensure nothing short of the highest quality and craft to our customers. 

Every single succulent that comes out of Prickly Pear is handled with the upmost attention and care. This includes care via inspecting our products, as well as care with the plants we put into our succulent pots and planters. 

Our Story

It all started on sunny afternoon in the backyard of our Southern California home.

Mom was watering her beloved plants in the garden that were starting to die and wither, a problem most Southern Californians know all too well. "Why do our plants keep dying?!" She exclaimed in frustration. The next weekend I came home, our backyard had started to make a slight change in appearance. I saw that huge, stylish cacti had replaced our once withering, sad, and dull flower bed. The cacti laid in a bed of colorful rocks and stones, giving our backyard a breath of fresh air.

The following weekend I came home, I saw little tiny pots start to pop up all over our backyard dining table, one by one. And the next weekend, there were twice as many! But who was doing all of this? Well, I'm sure that I had one lucky guess.. After asking my mom, she delightfully said "I did." Turns out, she crafted these tiny pots by hand, and filled the pots with the one plant at our house that always managed to stay alive, even after 10 years: our rosette succulents by our front door.

I asked my mom to teach me how to make these cute little suckers, and before we knew it, we were suddenly cranking out an average of 2 or 3 pots a day. It suddenly became our new favorite hobby, as making these together provided mother-daughter bonding time in its own. After continuing this craft for several months and experimenting with countless amounts of different materials, we were finally figured out the perfect formula for our mix. These were getting cuter and cuter, so we thought, "What the heck? Why don't we start sharing these with the world? And thus, Prickly Pear was born.

What We Do

Prickly Pear specializes in creating premium hand-made succulent products. Users are free to express their fun and creative side by being able to customize their succulent pot color, plant, sayings, and more.

Our Mission

Prickly Pear aims to provide a fun and creative platform where users can express their creativity and love for succulents. We aim to put a smile on everyone's face by brightening up office spaces and homes throughout the country!

Why Succulents?

Succulents are some of the most versatile and rewarding indoor plants. They are drought-resistant, low-maintenance, and have many health benefits as well! ​ 1) They help you breathe easier. 2) They Zen you out. 3) They have the power to heal. 4) They can live anywhere. ​ (blog.givingplants.com) ​

Our Team

Amie Prathummas, CEO/Founder

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